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The ROKO company was established in 1999. Since the beginning, we have been specializing in passenger car and motorcycle tyre sale and service.

First as a hobby but later on professional basis, we started to bring back to life the most beautiful vintage motorcycles.

For many years we have been gaining experience concerning the reconstruction of different motorcycles and at the end of 2007 we specialized solely in the restoration and sale of choppers. In the following years we bought salvage cars, incomplete units and even burnt ones, the restoration of which took hundreds hours of work.

On our account we have almost a hundred of motorcycles which are now the apple of their owners’ eye, and, what is more, they attract attention of enthusiasts and catch the eye of envious passers-by. Our motto – perfect in every inch.



Our mission:

  • Restoration of motorbikes and creating our own motorcycle stables, including the design and manufacture of posh motorbikes

Who do we cooperate with?

  • A team of best specialists: car painters, diagnosticians, electricians, tinsmiths

Where do we import the motorcycles from?

  • North America,
  • Canada,
  • Western Europe.

All of our cars have been imported legally and checked against theft. 

A bit of history


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