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Import procedures



  1. The customer looks for a motorcycle from the USA, either on his own or with our help.
  2. The company ROKO Karol Spendel checks the motorcycle. (It is possible to order a detailed technical review of the motorcycle on the spot in the USA from an expert for 200 USD )
  3. Next, on behalf of the customer, we buy the chosen motorcycle in the USA.
  4. Within 2 working days from the motorcycle’s purchase date in the USA, the customer is obliged to pay the remaining amount of money on the account in the USA in American dollars + import costs of the motorcycle from the USA to Europe. There is an extra option for the customer, namely to use the money of the Company ROKO for the whole transaction. In this case the Company ROKO charges extra 600 USD. (In this variant the customer settles up the expenses at the pick-up of the motorcycle)
  5. After paying for the motorcycle, it is transported in the USA from the insurance company to our site in CA, NY, TX or IL, depending on the distance to the export port.
  6. The customer chooses the port and we go through the customs on the customer’s behalf there. Customs clearance is usually in Holland, Germany or Poland.
    Port expenses ( customs, court ) are paid by the customer at the Company ROKO in Orzesze.
  7. The final step is the transport of the motorcycle from the port in Germany or Poland to the company’s premises in Orzesze. On request we can safely deliver the motorcycle to every place in Europe.
  8. The customer picks up the motorcycle including the documents necessary for registration, the cost of which is only 350 zloty + insurance in Poland. For abroad customers the registration in Poland by the Company ROKO is 100 EURO.
  9. We encourage you to make use of our services. There are over 800 satisfied customers already.

Karol Spendel